This blog is fairly and squarely about the abuse meted out by narcissists of the fairer sex. It’s fairly accurate to say that only around 25% of pathological narcissists are female but their cunning can often be greater than that of their male counterparts.

Victims of LadyNarc’s can also be taken aback when they learn that all they were told during the “love-bombing” phase wasn’t in fact the case. This leaves confusion and all too often shattered confidence.

I aim within this, to tell my story in the hope that someone may see the signs and put a plan into action. I don’t feel sorry for myself at all, I cheated on my wife to be with my abuser and caused an enormous amount of hurt for my family. I suffer from ADD; that in itself looks at times to fill voids but thats no excuse. Seeing the pain I caused those I truly experience reciprocal love with is my overriding regret. My bad behaviour is not lost on me.

I was lucky. My Narc’ing only lasted a number of months and I was quick to establish what had happened and why. Many people don’t have this luxury, they’re in the dark.

The Narc Dark.

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